Small Bore Division

Please note that the Smallbore firing line is closed Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00pm until after sunset as the range is in use for Practical matches.

Matches that are underlined as links below have further information attached in PDF or HTML format. Please follow the links for registration paperwork or instructions that may need to be followed to shoot the matches, as well as more information.

2017 Matches to be held at Phoenix Rod and Gun Club, Phoenix, AZ
February 18-19
February 25-26
March 4-5
March 25-26
9:00a, SB Prone 2400 BobCat League
9:00a, SB Prone 3200 Annual Road Runner Results: Aggregate, F-Class
9:00a, SB Prone ASRPA STATE Metric 3200
9:00a, SB Grande Finale ASRPA State 3200 Conv. Prone. & BBQ

2017 Matches to be held at Ben Avery Shooting Facility, Phoenix, AZ
March 12-14
March 15-19
9:00a, Metric National SB Championship's
9:00a, Western Wildcat SB 6400 Prone Championship

2014 Carver Mountain Match sponsored by the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club

Western Wildcat 2012

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