High Power Division

PRGC High Power Division uses the High Power Range at PRGC. The High Power Range has a target pit with ten Camp Perry style target frames for standard High Power Rifle Targets. There are firing points at 200, 300 and 500 yds. Our firing points are shaded and we aim to the south.

We run conventional NRA/CMP style 3-position High Power, Prone/F-class matches and some specialty matches and shoots with typically one event in each discipline per month year round.

NRA/CMP style High Power – we also call this “Across the course” (XTC). This is classic High Power Rifle, dating back at least to the founding of the National Matches at Camp Perry in 1907. It is a 50 or 80 shot match with 4 stages at 200 yds, 300 yds and 500 yds, standing, sitting and prone, slow fire and rapid fire. Most shooters use “Service Rifle” which is an AR-15A2 or M1 or M1A which has internal accuracy modifications, but externally looks original. Other shooters use a “Match Rifle” either a highly modified AR style rifle or a bolt action, usually with iron sights. Sometimes we hold 200 or 300 yd only fun matches for stock M1 or C&R or foreign military rifles. Most shooters use a shooting jacket, glove and sling.

Prone & F-class – This is a Prone slow fire only event, most events are 500 yds only, some 300 yard events are also held. This is just like the last stage of the XTC match, so many service rifle shooters attend these shoots for additional practice, but also long range match rifle shooters come out for the 500 yd (technically “medium range”) shoots too. There is another category called “F-class” or “F-TR”, which allows scoped rifles with bipods or sandbags. This is a great way for the owner of a Varmint or Tactical bolt rifle to get into High Power Competition. The biggest challenge of 500 yd shooting is carefully reading the wind for each shot and correcting the sights to keep the bullet in the X-ring. That is a challenge regardless of equipment category. We usually shoot three 20-shot strings, so light weight hunting barrels heat up too quickly to be satisfactory for this type of event.

For XTC Its best to watch a full match once before shooting it, but if you have shot your scoped rifle and are comfortable with it you can probably step right into prone shooting. When you’re ready, bring 70 to 100 rounds of ammo (Match ammo is best, 55gr .223 ball is too light for 500 yds), scope or binoculars, a mat or carpet to lie on and a jacket or long sleeves. The division has some guns and equipment to loan, contact the match director ahead of time.

Most of the above shoots are either NRA approved matches or league shoots. They also qualify for CMP purchases.

Hunting Rifle Shoot – This monthly shoot is set up for hunters to train and practice their skills with sporting or hunting style rifles at animal targets from field positions. This is not a competition, scores are kept just as a gauge of progress. The stages are different every month but include a variety of Arizona Animal targets from deer and bear to javelina and coyote. Bring your hunting rifle(s) 40 or so rounds of ammo and all the gear you might use to shoot while hunting (sticks, rangefinder etc). More info can be found at the match director’s website: http://arizona-rifleshooting.com/hunting-rifle-shoot-PRGC.html. We might be adding a Big Bore shoot for elephant rifles too!

Tactical Precision Rifle shoot – Run by PRGC’s Practical Division on the High Power Range, this monthly shoot stresses unknown distance, limited time, non-standard positions, sometimes with a tactical theme to the stage. The stages are different every month. Most targets are steel or reactive. A quarterly match for SDM style AR rifles is run by the same group. One of the largest tactical shoots in the western US is held at PRGC one full weekend every February drawing shooters from all over the US.

When there is no scheduled event ongoing, members may use the 200 yd line for general rifle shooting. There are benches under the covered firing line and impact berms at 100 and 200 yds as well as some gongs at 200 yds (bring a can of cheap black spray paint and repaint the gongs when you are done). There is also a clay pigeon thrower at the 200 yd line. Members wishing to use the 300 yd or 500 yd line on a non-competition day should check with the range master, the gate needs to be locked and that precludes other members from using 200 yds, so such usage should be limited.

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